Time To Flip The Script.



Good coaches recognize in game adjustments that need to be made. Great coaches make those adjustments. Dirk Koetter, well Koetter did neither. Yet with that ineptitude in game management, and an obsolete defensive scheme the Bucs were 32 points away from a flipped record, and a playoff berth.

Seeing as this is the slow time of the off season, let’s imagine. What if the Bucs defense were a top 20 defense in the league? You would be looking at a team with easily three more wins. No I’m not saying top 15 defense which is middle of the road, I’m saying a defense better than 12 of the other teams in the league. Now I understand being an average team is far from parade worthy, but look at the last two seasons. I would be as happy as a kid in a candy store with a .500 record. The Bucs offense on a few occasions last season drove the Buccaneers offense took the lead late in the fourth only to see it erased in the 4th quarter.
Who remembers the golden leg from Argentina celebrating after nailing 40+ yarder after 40+ yarder? Auto-Matica was CLUTCH! Martin is the benchmark here in the “Bay Area”, and honestly since Matt Bryant, nobody has come close. Your beloved Buccaneers would have won another game with one made field goal, ONE, and would have at least tied in 3 more.

Yes, Bruce Arians does have his hands full. But with his team of coaches, he is up to the challenge. A few in game adjustments, not throwing the ball 45 + times a games, commitment to a ground attack and an aggressive defense will vastly improve this 5-11 record. So yes I truly think the Buccaneers can “flip the script “.


Written by: Mike Sedoris