Will the Bucs running backs have another lackluster season?


Does the 2019 Tampa Bay Buccaneers backfield scare anyone? Come on, let’s be honest?
What is it about this offense that makes anyone think it can keep up its 2018 top 10 standing? The passing attack? The same passing attack that was designed by Dirk Koetter and Todd Monken? The former of which has returned to the Atlanta Falcons and Monken now with the Cleveland Browns. And a quarterback, in Ryan Fitzpatrick, who provided a good chunk of those passing stats and is now competing for a spot on the Miami Dolphins?

Backfield Trio

What is it about running backs Peyton Barber, Andre Ellington, or Ronald Jones that frightens the rest of the league?  The same RB trio that combined for 3,313 rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns over the course of nine seasons? They also combined for 1,635 yards for three touchdowns through the air. What about Dare Ogunbowale and Bruce Anderson? Never heard of them? Neither has 95 percent of the football world.

Should the Bucs be confident about this bunch? Benefit of the doubt aside, Bruce Arians sees things in the current core aside from his personal addition of Ellington that no one else apparently has seen. Despite Barber entering his fourth season in the league and not reaching the 1,000 rushing yards in a single season plateau, Arians likes what he sees. He apparently sees enough value in the veteran back to help lead the way. Arians feels Jones’ rookie season was a fluke. Despite the fact he not even breaking 100 yards for the season combined for running and receiving.

Reason For Concern

Why should Tampa Bay be concerned? The Bucs never had that established stable clutch hand at quarterback for how many seasons now? They haven’t had guys in the post-Jon Gruden era who are regularly able to put the team on their back to be stout. Quarterback Jameis Winston has had his entire career to show us he can overcome any of the team’s flaws to win, but the truth is he hasn’t. He simply can’t win games on his own like Brees, Brady, and Rodgers without a lot of help.

The Bucs simply just lack inspiration and determination to instill the confidence of a winner. Whether it’s special teams kicking woes, lackluster home support, or giving up porous amounts of points and yards. No to mention simply grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory due to ill-advised or fluke turnovers.

It’s just fitting for the area that the Buccaneers be one of a number of teams that just may be on its way out with its perennial status as the league’s doormat. Just give the Tampa Bay area something more than the bare minimum and an improved defense on paper from Todd Bowles.