In defense of the running game


Only two weeks into the 2019 season and there are many Buccaneer storylines unfolding. One of the most intriguing is the potential for a running game in 2019.


No risk it, no biscuit 

Like a slight of hand magician, Bruce Arians wants to get you looking one direction while the trick comes from the other. Empty backfields, five receiver sets, a quarterback that looks so lonely back there he should have a volleyball named Wilson to keep him company.

Make the defense play honest. Keep the offense unpredictable. But always give the impression that you can, and will take it to the house at any moment. This is the Arians way.

In the running

One of the positives in the loss week one against the 49ers was running back Ronald Jones II with 75 yards on 13 carries for  5.8 average. Thursday night in Carolina Peyton Barber would get off for 82 yards on 23 carries and a touchdown. Most important were the hard fought yards, key first downs, and finally a 15 yard touchdown scamper.

The Carolina defense second guessed themselves and the Buccaneers offense played clock control. With the Buccaneer defense playing on their collective heads, the team turned in one of the most entertaining performances ever for Tampa Bay on Thursday Night Football.

Anything is possible

NFL teams prepare to play an opponent by looking for tendencies. Offensive, defensive, the way a team covers and blocks on kicks. Like battlefield generals looking for the weak point on their opponents front. Game plans are made to expose those tendencies.

The reason that magician with the slight of hand is so satisfying is that you just don’t see it coming. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it could be. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it could be. Just like the Buccaneers 2019 offense so far. The Magic is in there somewhere. Tampa Bay can’t wait see it.


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