QB comparison: Jameis Winston vs. Jared Goff


Jameis Winston and Jared Goff are the first overall picks of the 2015 and 2016, respectively. Winston was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while Goff was selected by the Los Angeles Rams. The biggest difference between the two is Goff has seen success with the Rams making a Super Bowl, while Winston has yet made the playoffs.

Tale Of Two Different Franchise QBs

In four years with the Bucs, Winston threw for 14,628 yards averaging 261 passing yards a game. He’s never topped 30 passing touchdowns in a season coming the closest in 2016 with 28. He’s also thrown for 58 interceptions. In three seasons with the Rams, Goff threw for 9,581 yards averaging 252 passing yards a game. In 2018, he threw for a career-high 32 TDs and it was also the only season where he topped double digits with INTs in a single season with 12. Winston’s lowest INTs in a season was 2017 with 11.

Would It Make A Difference If Roles Were Reversed?

It’s an easy argument to make Goff as the beneficiary of better coaching and talent. Winston’s had to play from behind far more. Goff does a far better job of protecting the football. When it comes to opposing defenses, both take about the same amount of sacks. If the roles were reversed, there’s nothing indicating Winston dramatically cleans his game to Goff’s numbers. By the same token, Goff probably doesn’t force the ball as much as Winston in deficits.

Pressure Is On Winston

On September 29th when the Bucs and Rams face-off, the pressure is greater on Winston to overcome the Rams’ defense than Goff overcoming the Bucs’ defense. Once the Rams offensive line overcomes the Bucs’ initial onslaught, Goff will likely see the holes to carve up the secondary like rookie QB Daniel Jones did last week.

With a better supporting cast, Goff has the confidence knowing his defense has his back whereas the Bucs defense isn’t stable enough to pick up Winston’s shortcomings.


Photo credit: clutchpoints.com