Winston: “We’ve got to get Mike Evans the ball”


There were concerns this past Monday after the Buccaneers fell to the Saints the Sunday before. Injuries to the offensive line, the play of the defensive backs, and of course Mike Evans going catch less.

Yes you read that correctly, Mike Evans had zero catches, none, nada, zilch. Lets not push the panic button to hard though. Give credit where credit is due, the Saints played a great game overall defensively. Marshon Lattimore played a key role in shutting down Evans.

Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston spoke with the Tampa Bay Times about the importance of Evans’ production.

“Bottom line, to win football games, we’ve got to get Mike Evans the ball, I think it’s on everybody, me, the coaches. I think everybody can help get him more involved, get him the football. We’ve just got to get him the ball. There’s nothing much else to say to it.”

I’m not sure there is a Vegas oddsmaker that would take money on Evans going two games in a row without a catch. One thing is for sure, Jameis Winston is going to do everything he can to make that a bad bet.


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