Mike Evans is a BEAST


The beginning of the Bucs game against the Titans was ugly to be sure. Somebody who had a monster performance, though, was Mike Evans. On the day, Evans racked up 11 catches for 198 yards and 2 touchdowns. On many throws, Jameis Winston just simply threw it up to Evans, fully confident that number 13 would catch it.

THIS is the Mike Evans we’ve been waiting to see this season. Chris Godwin has taken up much of the attention of Winston. Not to take away from Godwin’s season, but a big part of that has been that Evans hasn’t played to the standard that we are used to seeing from him.

Not today though, as Evans practically was the Bucs offense. He routinely beat defensive backs deep using his size to get ideal positioning and his deceptive speed to get separation. And as if he needed any more reason for us to call him a beast, Evans has now passed James Wilder in franchise catches.

Evans showed up big in a game where we really need him to. Especially considering the problems the offense had with Breshad Perriman. So one has to wonder why the Bucs weren’t going to Evans late in the game. I don’t know whether that was on Winston, Leftwich or even Arians. Either way, it was disappointing to see a loss in a career game for our number 1 receiver.

Photo credit: buccaneers.com