Bucs’ slim but feasible chances for playoffs


With the Bucs’ 30-27 triumph over the Arizona Cardinals, the team snapped their four-game losing streak. The 3-6 Bucs are four games behind the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South division. The team is also 13th out of 16th in playoff standing. To say there’s a long road ahead is an understatement.

The good news is the Bucs face only two more teams with winning records the remainder of the season. One of them is against the upcoming 7-2 Saints, who suffered an upset at home against the Atlanta Falcons. Make no mistake, NFC South teams always play each other touch and nothing is automatic. Given the Bucs and Saints’ previous match, the Bucs might be due to win another at home. The other is the 5-4 Indianapolis Colts.

Assuming DC Todd Bowles makes any adjustments to get to Drew Brees when he couldn’t get to Teddy Bridgewater, we could have a defensive struggle or a shootout. Tampa Bay ranks 31st in pass defense above only the opponent they just beat in the Cardinals.

The Bucs have been in every game they lost only losing two by more than one score. They can hang with Brees and company as long as they minimize their mistakes; to borrow a cliché, “easier said than done”. Should they overcome the Saints, they’ll battle an equally desperate Falcons team in Atlanta that is just one game behind the Bucs.

The deck is stacked against Bruce Arians and company. The team won’t likely change their sloppy execution and as long as the team finishes, they have a shot. Running the table to 10-6, however unfeasible, is what this team has to do to salvage the season.