I’m amazed


Opinion Editorial 


I am amazed the Buccaneers needed to work that hard to beat the Arizona Cardinals. The same Cardinals that not that long ago was considered to be the worst team in the NFL. The same Cardinals that demolished their roster to install an air raid offense, with an air raid quarterback and an air raid coach that couldn’t win at Texas Tech. Please don’t read that as a knock on Kliff Kingsbury. Truth be told, after Sunday, I like the direction of the Cardinals more than I like this edition of the Buccaneers.

Amazing Winston 

I am amazed at the nonchalance of Bucs fans after another two-interception game by Jameis Winston. “Jameis threw only two interceptions and not a one was a pick-six!! Hallelujah!!”

Even though Jameis hit 30-of-48 passes for 358 yards and a touchdown, I’m amazed how many open receivers he overthrew or flat out missed.

Amazing Mistakes 

I’m amazed that nine games into the season, the Bucs offensive line still can’t get the snap count right.

I’m amazed that nine games into the season, Arians still can’t get the hang of challenging penalties.

I’m amazed the Cardinals surprised the Bucs’ special teams with a fake punt. And I’m even more amazed the Bucs’ coverage of the punter’s looping, lollypop pass was to pull down the receiver.

Amazing Extension 

I’m amazed general manager Jason Licht weaseled an extension out of the Glazers. He has constructed this team with a rusty shovel. Licht has had so many swings-and-misses on free agents and draft picks he’s become the Mike Zunino of NFL general managers. Yet, Zunino plays defense. We know that’s a sore subject with the Buccaneers.

Amazing Draft History 

I’m amazed since 2016, Licht has drafted nine defensive backs. NINE!! The one that gave up three touchdowns against Seattle may be the best of the bunch. What’s next? Trading up to draft a kicker in the second round?? Oh ..wait!!

I’m amazed I went there. Please forgive me.

I’m amazed Arians came out of retirement for this.

I’m amazed the Glazers haven’t called the Rays to see if their personnel execs can moonlight.

Medicinal Amazement 

I’m amazed the Xanax and Jack Daniels I need to watch these Buccaneer games. The anxiety I have with what Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Calvin Ridley can do to this young secondary the next two weeks …

I’m amazed my doctor upped my prescription.




  1. I’m amazed anyone reads this crap. I’m amazed if the author is more than 10 years old. I’m amazed you make humor of drinking alcohol and taking prescription pills.

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