Excuses are just that


Be honest, we’ve all done it to an extent and it’s time to stop. The fans are have done it, the coaches have done it, the players have done it. Enough, it’s time to stop defending Jameis Winston’s propensity for turning the ball over.


Same Old Song And Dance

We’ve heard it all, from receivers running the wrong route to early snaps and back to receivers running the wrong routes. The say he’s a “Gunslinger” but his gun seems to be loaded with mistakes.

Jameis Winston threw 4 INTs against the Saints Sunday. Two of them came in the first half against a secondary that was missing it’s best player in Marshon Lattimore.

Sure we can go down the excuse list on these if you’d like, but either way that’s two INTs before the half. Don’t worry you say? Winston and the offense will turn it around in the 2nd half you say?

Not So Fast

Unfortunately the 2nd half Winston told 1st half Winston to “hold my beer”

What was the excuse here? Wrong route? No protection? Nope, just a bad decision. After matching the amount of INTs to his jersey number Winston decided he wasn’t done.

Now What?

Rolling, rather stumbling into week 12 of the NFL season against an Atlanta Falcons team that has been playing well could see Winston setting a career high. Winston, with a few more bad decisions could set a career high for interceptions. So there’s that right?

The problem is the Buccaneers have no other legit option behind Winston. Ryan Griffin has zero regular season experience and honestly would’ve already been inserted if he was a viable option. The reality is this team is stuck with Jameis Winston as their quarterback for atleast the rest of this season. The Buccaneers now have to start looking towards the draft and free agency for a viable option to replace Winston or at the least find a functional backup. Until they do that it’s going to be more INTs and excuses.

Photo credit: buccaneers.com