Breshad Perriman produces


Written by Fred Gudes 

Opinion Editorial 

Finally, some actual contribution from a wide receiver not named Mike Evans or Chris Godwin.

Breshad Perriman has had his fair share of criticism from the Buccaneers media and fan base. At one point it felt every attempted catch by Perriman was a practice in futility with little faith or trust that he’d actually catch it. Sunday versus Jacksonville, Perriman was very trustworthy in catching five passes for 87 yards. More importantly, he did a fantastic job of creating separation and keeping drives alive.

I don’t feel Perriman meshes well in this Byron Leftwich-led offense. Sunday did give the Buccaneers faithful a little hope. There is hope for how this offense could function with three capable receivers for Jameis Winston. Honestly, this offense needs more Scotty Miller and less Perriman. But for one week I’ll give Perriman his well-deserved praises.

Hopefully going forward, Perriman can give this offense solid contributions not just for the team and fans’ sake, but for the simple fact the Buccaneers gave him $4 million dollars to replace DeSean Jackson as the speed option on the outside.

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