Somethings gotta give


People have defended him. They have brought stats, charts, excuses, coaches, coaching changes all in defense or explanation of Jameis Winston’s turnovers. At some point, something has to change right?

Jameis Winston has all the tools necessary. The problem is he is also very giving. He will blow your mind with a play like this…

Then when you’re calling for his head he’ll make a play like this…

It’s at that point you think,” maybe he just has to get past the butterflies each game.” Think of it like Willie Beamon from the movie Any Given Sunday. Winston has to puke before he can play well. Once you start coming to grips with this Winston exchange rate and you’re starting to feel good about him again, BOOM this happens.

It’s maddening, it’s frustrating, it’s Winston. How do you make a 1st quarter INT not look so bad? You throw a 2nd quarter pick-6.

We’ve heard head coach Bruce Arians defend Winston. We all heard him blame everything and everybody BUT Winston for the turnovers. Players have been benched for missing blocks. Players have found their way into the Arians’ doghouse for running bad routes or dropping a pass. But at some point the finger has to be pointed at Winston. You know, like Arians says… for the sake of accountability.