What will Santa bring the Buccaneers for Christmas?


Alrighty then. You are the head elf in Santa’s workshop and it’s your job to pick the one player to be placed under the tree at One Buc Place. All the Bucs fans were really good this year and deserve the player they covet the most.


In case you didn’t know it, the jolly, round guy is a huge football fan. I’m talking about Santa, not Jason Licht. His favorite team WAS the Atlanta Falcons. Until a couple of years back when a high altitude encounter with one of the birds of prey got pretty messy.

No! The bird was fine. But the near miss scared the sh…….well, you get the picture.

Besides. Tampa Bay is one of Kris Kringle’s favorite places to unwind after traveling around the world in 24 hours. He has even been seen attending a Buccaneers game when they play at home the week following the big night. He might even be at next weeks Buccaneers/Falcons game.

Back to the original point

The big guy is not sure of what the Buccaneers need most. This is where you come in. Tell us what you would give the team this year.

The best answers will be covered during this Saturdays pre game coverage of the Buccaneers/Texans game on the Bucs Report.

Show us your GM-IQ

email your thoughts to Bucsreport2017@gmail.com. Be sure to put “Santa’s List” in the subject line.

Tune in on Saturday morning to see what fans hope the Buccaneers get for Christmas this year.