Can Shaq sack Sapp for single season record


This week against the Atlanta Falcons will be the last chance for Shaq Barrett to move into sole possession of the Buccaneer single season sack record. Currently tied with Warren Sapp at 16.5 sacks. The free agent from Denver has exceeded the team wildest expectations for the season. But why stop there?


Spreading His Wings

After spending the first five years of his career in Denver, Shaquil Barrett was ready to break out. Playing behind stars like Von Miller, Demarcus Ware and Bradley Chubb had made the former undrafted player out of Colorado State a little hungry. Hungry for sacks, playing time, and a chance to start. Putting a 3-4 defensive scheme into place, Todd Bowles could offer the LB all three.

Hall Of Famer On The Line

It took a single sack last week in Detroit to tie an almost 20 yr old Buccaneer record. Barrett got a message from Sapp via Instagram after he pulled even with the Buccaneer Hall Of Famer.

“He told me my work isn’t done yet, go get the record,”, Barrett said. “And I told him, ‘I got it.'”

“It means a lot that he appreciates the way I’m playing the game right now, and he appreciates the fact of me beating his record and what I’m doing on the field,” said Barrett. “Just for him to see what I’m doing and encourages me to do it, it feels amazing.”

It All Comes Down To This

A week 17 matchup between two teams long ago eliminated from the playoffs. a post-Christmas, pre-New Years game where pride is on the line against a divisional opponent. The end of a season that has given Buccaneer fans quite a few ups, and downs.

We still have a chance to see history made. A record once held by Lee Roy Selmon. Held solely by Warren Sapp for near two decades. A record that nobody saw Shaq Barrett chasing. Well, nobody except him. He knew it was time to break out. Just nobody knew how much.

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