How close are the Bucs to competing with Winston at the helm?


Opinion Editorial 

In Jameis Winston’s five years with the Bucs, he amassed a 28-42 record or 40 percent winning percentage. Let’s break down the trends of the games whether if the kicker or the quarterback could have decided the game.

[ photo credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers ]

Breaking Down Winston Wins And Losses

Of his 70 games, Winston’s started, over half (45) were decided within a score. Either the game was beyond the team’s control in the final minutes 25 times or the team didn’t have as much pressure to close. Bucs lost 27 one-score games either from coming up short on offense or the opposing team made the go-ahead score.

Regardless of kicker performance, the Bucs lost 10 games within a field goal with Winston under center. The Bucs tied the game or needed a touchdown to win the game 17 times with Winston under center. In 2016, the Bucs didn’t lose any games within a field goal but came short four times within a touchdown. Those games made the difference between 9-7 missing the playoffs to possible home-field advantage throughout the NFC at 13-3. Do you know who made 13-3 his second year? Try Indianapolis Colts’, Peyton Manning.


What complicates things is how often the Bucs end up short in kicking opportunities whether it’s a missed field goal or extra point. Yes, it also adds up. When it comes to the fourth quarter and one score is the difference, the Bucs mostly found ways to lose.

Whatever the case, the team couldn’t rely on its offense to score the go-ahead score or the defense lacked the discipline to tighten coverage when needed. As many times the team finds themselves in tight games, if the Bucs can’t win the turnover battle, then all the hard work’s moot. It’s not something the coaching nor the players have properly addressed over the years.

Winston is not solely to blame. During games he starts, the Bucs have only been successful 36 percent in the final two minutes of the game. When people say how close the team is from the playoffs, could you really contend when you lose 64 percent of the time on the final drive?