Buccaneers Appear to Confirm New Uniforms in 2020


Our long national nightmare is finally over, the Buccaneers are finally getting new uniforms. Since the release of the current jersey in 2015, fans have been crying out for change. The alarm clock numbers were aesthetically unpleasing, the color pallet didn’t match, and the strange inclusion of creamsicle just didn’t make sense.

Today the Buccaneers officially released a video teasing a change. In the clip, you can see an artist spray painting a logo with various news clippings. Some of which state “A Uniform Effort”, “Hoisting New Colors”, and “A Bold New Era”.

Whispers of new uniforms have been present for over a year, but this is the first time an official account from the team has released any information. Stay tuned for up to date details as we learn more in the coming weeks.