The Brady Bucs


Cue the music!!

All together now!!!

“It’s the story of a man named Brady, who was winning six titles with the Pats.”

“His coach thought he was a has-been. That’s the way, they all became the Brady Bucs!!”

Bruce Arians really wanted to see who was standing behind Door number two, and it really was Tom Brady. Arians was right there to assure Brady that all the things Bill Belichick wasn’t offering – guaranteed money and literally a pat on the back – was as real as November sunshine on Clearwater Beach.

One man’s antique is another man’s pewter.

If Buccaneer fans were told on Halloween Week last year to relax and their 2-5 record would turn into a March signing of Tom Brady, they would have said, “Right!! That will happen the day a virus shuts down the world!!”


The experts all boasted in the end that Brady would never leave the Patriots. Yet this wasn’t a Brady audible. This wasn’t Brady scrambling. This was Brady’s game plan. Brady finetuned his playbook. Brady finely executed against that Belichick blitz. Brady threw all the way to Tampa Bay and Buccaneer booty was more valuable than gold.

This breakup was always going to be messy. Yet Brady channeled his inner Frank Sinatra and did it “His Way!” We’ve all fantasized about sticking it to the boss. Brady really did it.

Yes, Brady will be 43. Yes, this could end as quickly as it starts. Yes, this is a little like tugging on Superman’s cape.

I don’t care.

This I know. The Buccaneers have enough cap room to really put a team behind Brady. The Bucs will be the most talked-about team in American sports. Bo Jackson, Bill Parcells and Brett Favre left the Bucs hanging, but Tom Brady said yes. If Brady wins, we’ll live and die with every game. If Brady fails, we’ll really live and die with every game.

Believe me, this could have all the makings of  “A Very Brady Christmas!”

One more time with feeling!!!!

“The Brady Bucs. The Brady Bucs. That’s the way they became the Brady Bucs!!”