Jameis: It’s Complicated


Approaching a month into NFL free agency and Jameis Winston is still without a gig. Before Corona, this would have been considered a nasty April Fool’s joke. Surely, somebody would want to take a flyer. Right?!


According To The Experts 

The so-called experts say there was a glut of quarterbacks and not enough starting opportunities among NFL teams. Nobody knows Jameis better than Bruce Arians. He makes it clear. After studying Jameis alongside Tom Brady and Teddy Bridgewater, he chose Brady and Bridgewater over Jameis.

Not a huge surprise. Jameis is crazy talented and crazier careless both on and off the field.

Let me explain it this way: If you could have one steak dinner, would you choose a well-aged filet or a sirloin?

If you have one margarita, would you make it with Patron or a $12 bottle from the local liquor store?

If you could date one blonde, would it be Margo Robbie or Taylor Swift?

All Have Their Merits, But…

Jameis needs a team to look at him the way I look at pizza.

That team is out there, but not until the Corona shhhttuff clears up. Jameis is coming off a broken thumb, knee surgery and five seasons of more ups and downs than a pledge at his first toga party.

The team that signs Jameis must have its doctor look at last season’s injuries. More importantly, that coach must talk to him face-to-face to see if Jameis really gets it. All of this can’t happen until NFL facilities are open again.

Better Options?

Would Jameis give Gardner Minshew competition in Jacksonville?

Would Jameis give the Steelers a better option backing up Ben Roethlisberger?

Would Jameis be a better choice than Andy Dalton?

Would the Saints set aside the 2017 shoving match between Jameis and Marshon Lattimore? Saints coach Sean Payton was hot and there is still bad blood between the NFC South rivals.

All debatable but just wait when the first NFL starter goes down. Some are still calling for Colin Kaepernick!

Overplayed Hand

Apparently, Jameis and his agent overplayed their hand after leading the NFL with 5,109 yards. Not sure if Jameis really rolled out the $30-mill-a-year card, but the Jameis camp has been somewhat tone-deaf in these first five seasons.

This we do know. The Jameis numbers for his first five seasons read 19,737 yards, 121 touchdown passes and 88 interceptions.

Tom Brady had 18,029 yards, 103 touchdown passes and 66 interceptions in his first five years. Brady also won three Super Bowls during that time.

Quite honestly, Bridgewater is a bigger “unknown” than Jameis in his first five seasons.  He has battled a horrific knee injury, lost favor in Minnesota and stepped forward in five starts with the Saints last season. Still, Bridgewater’s career numbers total 7,652 yards, 38 touchdown passes and 25 picks in less than half of Winston’s starts.

The most interesting comparison is Peyton Manning. In his first five seasons, Manning passed for 20,618 yards, 138 touchdowns and 100 interceptions. Manning played in eight more games than Jameis and had more talent around him.

Jameis isn’t the train wreck he’s made out to be.  A team will fall in “like” with him and who knows that happens from there? Or, to put in 2020 Corona terms – his Facebook relationship status reads, it’s complicated.