New Duds Aren’t Duds!


For the Buccaneers, it’s a classic case of “Back to the Future!”

Only in Tampa Bay can a change to their old uniforms lead Buccaneer fans to dancing in the streets.

Okay, the real reason is they’ve been cooped up for the better part of a month, but humor me.

Reality is, Bucs fans don’t get a chance to celebrate much of anything. So, let them strut over the signing of Tom Brady and new duds. Sure, the world is on its knees because of a pandemic, but it is damn fun watching Bucs fans doing high fives six feet apart.

You see, the first time they changed to these uniforms they went to the playoffs – that ended a 14-year draught. Six seasons later, they won the Super Bowl in these uniforms.These uniforms signify the only true success this franchise has ever enjoyed.

This is the franchise with the worst winning percentage in American professional sports.


Less than 40%.

The Bucs are 267-424-1. Some math whiz claims they’d have to average 11 wins for the next 27 seasons to get to .500. I’ll take him at his word because I’ll be using all my bandwith to budget my $1,200 stimulus check.

Sensing the need for a new stream revenue, the Glazers changed the uniforms in 2014. I won’t mention rumors, but the design team involved a primate and a very small box of crayons. I can’t find a second source that it was a very small box of crayons.  Bottom line, few bought the new jerseys. I swear Tiger King T-shirts have lapped Bucs uniform sales.

Until Now!

That said, not everybody gets the significance. My adult daughter simply doesn’t comprehend the new-to-old trend. She says I need to get a life.  Then again, she lives for Disney Classics. Now you can feel my pain during this quarantine.

Just checked the Vegas odds and the Bucs still stand at 22-to-1 to win the Super Bowl even in the new-old uniforms. But chances are, I’d wear that new-old uni with pride when I walk into the casino to make that bet, unless my Tiger King T-shirt was clean.

So Buccaneer fans rejoice. The draft isn’t that far away and when the Bucs draft an offensive lineman it will be pure delirium.

Brady. New-old Uniform. Offensive lineman. I will celebrate by commandeering the remote from my daughter and changing the channel from Bambi to Marty McFly.

Back to the Future for us all!!