Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood


Just maybe it’s one-too-many Coronas talking during this coronavirus quarantine.

But you heard it here first.

Buccaneer football fans will go from Tom-pa Bay to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood.

It may be just a limey whisper but in three seasons after Tom Brady has had enough, it will be Aaron Rodgers leasing the Davis Island digs from Derek Jeter.

And TB-12 will have an all-new meaning at the Ray Jay.

I’ll Drink to That.

When the Packers traded up to use a first-round pick to draft Rodgers’ replacement, it started a breakup that will lead to Rodgers becoming a Buccaneer in 2022 for the same reasons Brady left the Patriots.

Yes, Rodgers signed a four-year $134-million dollar extension with the Packers heading into 2018, but when the Packers drafted Jordan Love, it quickly became obvious that the Packers care more about the future than the present with Rodgers.  

At Least, That’s Obvious to Rodgers

Word is he’s not about to “R-E-L-A-X.” Yet with Rodgers’ contract, Green Bay would be in salary cap hell if it moved Rodgers during the next two seasons. But after then, the Packers can move Rodgers, Love will be ready, and the Bucs with a mature defense and improved offensive line will be there for the waiting.

With apologies to Dos Equis, Rodgers will become the “most interesting man” in Tampa Bay since… Tom Brady.

Stay Thirsty, My Friends

Ask Jameis Winston. There are now more quarterbacks than there are teams. Cam Newton agrees and Andy Dalton seconds. Add in Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields next year and the quarterback job market becomes tighter than Jason Licht when the Bucs lineup for a kick.  

Why is it teams will now move on from quarterbacks they drafted after three years?  Because they can. There are options.

Why would the Bucs go through growing pains with another young quarterback?

Why would the Bucs use a top draft pick on a quarterback when they can go after the best talent available and truly build this team?

At quarterback, they will go gun-for-hire. They will know what they are getting. They will have the cap space slotted. And the supply doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

And if it isn’t Rodgers, Russell Wilson could become too expensive in Seattle around the same time. And try this, Patrick Mahomes should be signing his enormous deal within months.

Five years from now…

I’m breaking out another lime!!