Brady Getting A Harvard Education In Arians Offense


Every Buccaneers fan knows how smart seven year veteran tight end Cameron Brate is. Undrafted coming from Harvard University in 2014 both reliable and tough. He didn’t just make a place for himself on the Buccaneers offense. He made himself a commodity. By doing so he received a six year, 40.8 million dollar contract at the start of the 2018 season.


Harvard Comes To Florida 

Tom Brady played in Foxborough, Ma. for twenty years. Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Ma. The Harvard educated tight end is now giving the GOAT quarterback a crash course in the Bruce Arians offensive system. On Pro Football Talk there was a story (seen here), emphasizing that it is not out of the ordinary for players to get together in the off season and work out. What was different the tight end said was; “It’s a little weird now working with him at the beginning of his Bucs tender because we’re kinda teaching him our verbiage,” the Buccaneers tight end also said; “It’s kind of a backwards way of how it’s probably going to progress during the season with him kinda teaching us about the game and how he sees things”.

Full Steam Ahead

While there are those who believe that precautions being taken to slowly open organizations back up could hinder Tom Brady’s development in the Buccaneers offense. There should be no doubt that all thirty-two teams will experience adjustments on the fly. The game day playing field from that perspective should be about equal. With some teams struggling more than others.

Don’t expect to see Brady and his band of merry men on that list. This group of veterans seem driven and hungry.