Tom Brady Is The Buccaneers’ Pied Piper


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady is proving to his new team that he can still lead. NFL Network’s Michael Giardi said that, “Brady is the pied piper for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.” Although the NFL is slowly getting back to normal, Brady is continuing to lead his new team.


Brady has been holding team meetings through Zoom, where he is getting to know his new teammates. The six-time Super Bowl champion has been giving the Buccaneers a new energy and attention. Brady has also been organizing small team workouts since May.

Brady is just the leader the Buccaneers need. A young team both offensively and defensively would thrive off his knowledge. His interest in his new teammates is what makes his signing all the more exciting.

“This is exactly what they need,” Giardi said.

Although he will be 43 in August, Brady is brining a youthful attitude to Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers are still a relatively young team, having Brady’s leadership will help the immensely in their careers.