Rob Gronkowski: Doing a Little Good for the Neighborhood


Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski is a kid at heart. He plays the game of football with a smile on his face, a smile that extends to his off-field endeavors. Those endeavors include winning a wrestling championship, participating in a TV game show and of course his antics across his favorite social media platforms.

Last month a juvenile arsonist set fire to the Blake High School equipment shed. The damage is estimated at $11,000. School boards are running on extremely tight budgets, Hillsborough County is no different. So what does a man who is a kid at heart do for kids in need? Lets let Gronkowski tell you.

“Hey everyone. Last week, we heard about an unfortunate incident in Tampa where a fire burned down a high school storage shed full of their team’s football equipment, sadly, they lost it all. Well, my Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, and my new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are all about helping youth reach their full potential. So we’re going to do just that. To the Blake High School Yellow Jackets, you’re getting a brand new storage unit and all new football equipment to replace everything that was lost. Keep working hard this summer, stay active and stay healthy,” Gronkowski continued, “and my new teammates and I are looking forward to seeing you soon.”

The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations in an effort to focus on education, fitness and health for children of all ages.

Bucs Report would like to give a huge shoutout to Gronkowski and the Buccaneers for stepping up to the plate!