Chris Landry Talks To Bucs Report About The 2020 Season


The Sports Web hosted by Peter H. Blake on Bucs Report had the honor of interview Chris Landry of Landry Football. Landry gave his insight on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his opinion on the upcoming season.

With a plethora of offseason success, Landry said that Brady has declined slightly, but will still be effective.

“Decline, yes relative to what he was. But in the decline in stage, he is still pretty good. And he’s still high up there in terms of productivity.”

 Landry also brought up Brady’s use of the check down, saying that it is something the Bucs will have to get used to. He then went on to talk about former quarterback Jameis Winston. Winston signed a one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints in April.

“Jameis makes so many mistakes, held the ball too long, you know the turnovers, the interceptions. But holding the ball was a major problem.”

 The Bucs have a handful of tight ends to use this season, however Landry talked about O.J. Howard and his potential. Howard, who had 459 yards and one touchdown in 2019, is looking to have a breakout year in 2020.

“I really was high on O.J. Howard, I think he’s an outstanding talent. Listen, he’s a pro now, he’s got to up his game,” Landry said. “O.J. could really be the guy that could be the seam stretcher, that is very, very athletic.”

Landry went over many things the Bucs need to do, however he did talk about Howard’s trade value saying, “it’s not elite.” Howard’s stock isn’t where it should be, but even if it was, why would the Bucs trade that?

Landry’s appearance on the show gave Bucs fans much needed input on the approaching season. Although Brady’s age plays a factor, Landry believes he will still have a good year in Tampa. As for O.J. Howard, Landry sound like he was on the fence. He knows the talent Howards possess. But he needs to take the next step.

See the entire interview below!