NFL Bans Player Jersey Swaps for the 2020 Season


The NFL league office has been busy implementing COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming season. In a memo sent out yesterday, players and league personnel were presented with strict guidelines, including masks on the sideline, a temperature check before entering the stadium, and no jersey swaps after games.

The NFL needs to go to these extremes to prevent a league stoppage similar to the NBA and NHL this spring, but some players have voiced their displeasure.

On one side, you have to understand where the players are coming from. Players will be in contact with the opposing team for 60 minutes, much closer than the six feet apart mandate. So what what is the harm in a simple jersey swap?

On the other end of the spectrum, the NFL is attempting to limit all unnecessary contact in hopes to contain the virus.

What do you think? Do you side with the players, and think jersey swaps should be allowed? Or do you agree with the NFL, and their attempt to restrict all unnecessary contact?