The Buccaneers Hold A High Spot In Tight End Rankings


Today PFF released their tight end ranking for all 32 teams as they enter the 2020 season. The top five teams according to PFF are; San Francisco 49ers, Kanas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Los Angeles Rams.


The Bucs holding a spot in the top five is huge. Tampa Bay had a great combination in O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate. However, the addition of Rob Gronkowski improves the tight end core.

Rob Gronkowski/via
Rob Gronkowski/via

What It Means For The Buccaneers? 

The Buccaneers are finally starting to get recognized for their extreme talent on both sides of the ball. But having one of the best tight end groups in the NFL is what makes the team even scarier. Tom Brady has all the options in the world with the Bucs offense.

Plus, going to a 12 personnel offense will keep two tight ends on the field. Not only will Brady have Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, he’ll have a surplus of other talented players to pass to. Gronkowski alone causes disruption in the defense with his size and speed.

But don’t be surprised if the Bucs use Gronkowski more as a decoy than anything else. After missing a full season last year, the tight end is looking to have a comeback year. However, the Bucs would be smart to use him more as a blocker, or bull-rusher.

If Gronkowski is used as a decoy, expect more passes to players like Godwin or Howard. But that doesn’t mean he won’t get any touches, I think Gronkowski will have over 600 yards. Also, he’s a player Brady trusts from New England, which will help the team a lot.

The Buccaneers are going into the 2020 season with a top five tight end group. A tight end group that fans are eagerly awaiting to see hit the field at Raymond James Stadium this year.