NFL Teams Could Lose $70 Million in Cap Space in 2021


As the NFL plans for a loss in revenue for the 2020 season, teams are bracing for a steep drop in the salary cap in 2021.

NFLPA executive DeMaurice Smith and president J.C. Tretter spoke to reporters on Friday. They stated that a significant loss in revenue could cause the 2021 salary cap to drop by almost $70 million

This would be a big blow to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are hoping to give Shaquil Barrett a long term deal. Lavonte David and Chris Godwin will also be due for an extension. With a drop in the cap, it would be merely impossible to pay them all.

Still, the NFLPA hopes to spread the revenue loss over a nine year period, easing the blow in 2021.

With no clear decisions being communicated in regards to daily testing, training camp dates, and preseason plans, it’s hard to imagine we’ll get a resolution any time soon.

Everybody cross your fingers and hope the league and union can figure it out before September or else the NFL season will be in jeopardy.