Buccaneers Tight End Cameron Brate Stays In The Game


On Wednesday morning Buccaneers tight end Cam Brate announced on Instagram that he was thankful to have fully recovered from a bout with COVID-19. In the post (seen here) the 7th year veteran out of Harvard made a plea for plasma donations thru One Blood for anybody who may have already recovered from the Corona Virus.


The Buccaneers followed up with a tweet concerning this same announcement.


Anybody who has had and recovered from COVID-19 will have antibodies to the virus in their system. Thus making the donation of plasma even more valuable than the usual gift of life plasma donations can be.

That Cam Brate has recovered from the virus is good news. Turning that good news into a PSA for the much needed gift of life that plasma donations can be is even better. We are all in this together.

*If you would like more information on what you can do to be a hero, save a life, and get in the game. Go to www.oneblood.org. This is a victory we can all be a part of.