Cameron Brate Meets With The Media


The Buccaneers Cam Brate spoke with the media on Thursday afternoon. The Harvard educated, skilled tight end has become an outspoken member of the Tampa Bay squad. In light of news Wednesday that he had contracted and recovered from the Corona virus. This interview, like most Brate interviews, was as informative as it was entertaining.


On Brooke’s Role In All Of This

The interview started right out with COVID-19 talk. The 6’5″, 245 lb Brate said; “I get to hold it over my fiance’s head a little bit”. When talking about fiance Brooke being first to contract the virus. He would initially test negative but the two would go into quarantine.

Brate would eventually test positive. Pointing out that a loss of taste would be the symptom he experienced most. Also stating that if not for Brooke’s positive COVID-19 result, he might not have even known he had contracted the virus.

With the news earlier this Summer of some team members meeting on their own. The veteran Brate being one of them. The question was asked as to what was the time frame in which he had been dealing with COVID-19. The answer was several months ago and not while the team mates were meeting at Berkley Prep.

Brady, Gronk, and the 2020 Offense

Like just about anybody who follows NFL football. Cam Brate seems genuinely excited about the potential for the team this season. When asked by the Bucs Report’s own Joshua Cole Allen about Tom Brady’s affinity for throwing to tight ends, Brate jumped right in. Speaking about the Buccaneers strong tight end room. Brady’s chemistry with Rob Gronkowski. Even pointing out that while in college at Harvard, following Gronkowski and the exploits with the Patriots.

The smile on Cam Brate’s face has always been a strong asset of his. Going from an undrafted player in 2014, to team leader in 2020 has been a journey Buccaneers fans hace enjoyed. Seeing what the veteran tight end can accomplish this season is a much anticipated story line for the upcoming season.

Some might see #84 and say that he has a smile of a man that dealt with the COVID-19 virus. Others might say the grin is because he will have Tom Brady pitching the biscuit this upcoming season. True Buccaneer fans will see the smile of the man that came in seven years ago and earned every bit of his spot on this Buccaneers squad.