Buccaneers #1 in Defensive Pressures in 2019


Classify this in the “not fair for the rest of the league” column. The Buccaneers were #1 in the NFL in defensive pressure last season. What swayed Tom Brady to come here this season? Probably the same thing that Bruce Arians saw upon arriving last season. Turns out ‘Tampa Bay Got Talent’.


When does the Season Start?

A defensive line that causes more heartburn that hot chili. Linebackers that fly around like rabid bats. A secondary that is growing into their own skin and starting to turn some heads. These are the components of being the best in the NFL. A selfless passion that sweeps across the team and oozes out of One Buc Place until all of Tampa Bay is filled with it. These are the reasons September can’t get here fast enough.

You can get with this, or you can get with that

The world already knew that the Buccaneers led the NFL in rush defense last season. Even with Shaquil Barret leading the league in sacks and setting a Buccaneer team record with 19.5, the run-stopping was usually the story. Only three opponents rushed for over 100 yards in 2019. Teams averaged a paltry 73.8 yards per game against this formidable front. Last season the Buccaneers defense was the 11th best run defense in the last four decades. Let that sink in.

Now you talk about defensive pressure, a maturing secondary, and the ‘minor tweaks’ on the offensive side of the ball. It’s easy to let your mind wander toward championship bliss. Too optimistic?

Twenty-Four Days And Counting!

The team is all in. Buccaneers fans are all in. Turns out the defense is all in. The opponent’s backfield, that is. A stifling, relentless unit that will need to continue to grow together in 2020. The offense will be more potent this year than any other year in Buccaneers’ history. If both these two things happen, 2020 promises to be ‘fairly” enjoyable for Buccaneers fans.