Buccaneers Get Sack Happy in Denver



The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have put the NFL on notice that their front seven are not to be played wit. Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles dialed up the blitz several times during the game and had tons of success. The Buccaneers were able to amass six sacks by five different Buccaneers in route to their 28-10 victory. Those five sacks were tallied by by non other then Jason Pierre-Paul, Vita Vea, Shaq Barrett, Jordan Whitehead and Antoine Winfield Jr.


Vita Vea & Winfield Sacks

Antoine Winfield Jr.’s sack was a perfect call by defensive coordinator Todd Bowles. The Steelers used the same scheme the previous week against the Broncos. The Steelers and the Buccaneers used their defensive backs to pressure and sack the opposing teams quarterback.

Vita Vea has shown doubters that he was the right pick over Chargers defensive back Derwin James. On the play shown above Vita Vea’s responsibility is gap control and finds himself in a one on one situation to which he won in a dominating fashion. Vita Vea absolutely dominates the offensive lineman and comes away with an easy sack.

Jordan Whitehead Sack

Jordan Whitehead was able to tally a sack on a safety blitz that was dialed up by none of then Todd Bowles. Whitehead and Devin White both had an inside Blitz called and were successful in getting to the quarterback.

Jason Pierre-Paul “JPP” Sack

From what I notice Jason Pierre-Paul finds himself in a one on one with a tight end. You can notice the level of intensity increases once Pierre-Paul realizes there isn’t any additional help coming and shoves the tight end back into the quarterback with one arm and it causes a sack fumble. With that sack Pierre-Paul has recorded a sack in every game in 2020.

Shaq Barrett Sack

Last but not least Shaq Barrett has come home to Denver with zero sacks on the season after leading the NFL in sacks in 2019. Barrett posted two sacks in his homecoming one coming off a bootleg that Barrett played perfectly and recorded his first sack of the season. Barrett’s second sack came on a safety to help his team receive two points and then receive the ball as well. The play was a designed blitz for Devin White up the A gap and White had just missed the sack and that opened the door for Barrett to get his second sack.

Todd Bowles had an answer for Denvers offense the entire game with different blitz looks. Look to next week with more of the same to pressure the Chargers young quarterback.

Film Credit: NFL Game Pass