Tyler Johnson Plays Wide Receiver?


Wait a Minute…. Tyler Johnson plays football?!

Tyler Johnson is a well-known name in the Tampa  Bay area. He played center for the Tampa Bay Lightning during their 2020 run to the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately for Johnson  he was put on the waiver wire by the Tampa Bay Lightning on 10/8/2020. This release caused confusion as there is also a Tyler Johnson that plays wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Not That One, This One

So who is this Tyler Johnson that everyone, including the Twitter-verse is asking about? Johnson is a Minnesota grown, highly gifted wide receiver that was drafted in the 5th round by the Buccaneers. This Tyler Johnson set several records as a Minnesota Gopher. He went on to have an amazing Outback Bowl game in Raymond James Stadium last year. That game made Bruce Arians say “I’ve got to get this guy!” while watching the game with his son in Tampa. During the 2019 Outback Bowl game, Johnson posted a 12 catch, 204 yard and 2 touchdown game. He left Minnesota 2nd all-time in receptions (213) and the all-time leader in both receiving yards (3,305) and receiving touchdowns (33).

Rough Start

Johnson’s training camp was a rough one where he missed about 95% of the camp dealing with a soft tissue injury. This resulted in him having to earn his playing time by studying and mastering the playbook. All while having to wait to get on the field so he could build chemistry with Tom Brady.

He knew that he had to build confidence in himself first before Brady would throw the ball his way. During Thursday night’s game, Johnson finally got his opportunity to shine. Primarily because of injuries to the top four wide receivers and he made the most of it.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself 

In last Thursday’s game he had a great 1st half by catching the ball 4 times for a combined 61 yards in the first half (15.31 yards per catch average). One of his catches will hit the highlight reel where he caught the ball, made a spin move and broke plenty of tackles to go 35 yards. Unfortunately for Johnson the second half game plan did not have him involved – he was only targeted once. If Chris Godwin and Scotty “Scooter” Miller continue to be hampered by injuries, I would expect Johnson to continue to get more reps, gain Brady’s trust, improve as a player overall and become a well-known name in Tampa Bay and around the NFL!