Dealing With A Near Perfect Rodgers



Let’s face it, it has been a while since we have seen Aaron Rodgers mess up. So far this year Rodgers is humming along to the tune of 1,214 yards, 13 TDs, 70.5% completion percentage along with ZERO interceptions.


Another important factor to point out is that Rodgers is doing this primarily without his top targets of Allen Lazard and Davante Adams so far this year. I think we all know that Rodgers is bound to the turnover the ball at some point this year but will it finally happen in week 6 when they travel to sunny Tampa to take on a top 5 defense for the first time? Let’s take a look at what the Buccaneers can do to bring Rodgers back down to earth.

How Do You Mess Up A-a-ron?

If I were the Buccaneers coaching staff, I would be watching film from last year where the San Francisco 49ers laid out the blueprint in both games on how to slow down Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers offense. The key to their victories were complete dominance and constant pressure from the defensive front seven and getting off the field on key 3rd downs. So far this year, Rodgers has proven each week that regardless of the weapons he has, he will make you pay if you give him time in the pocket and he will also be sure to exploit any mistakes you make on defense.

Dial Up The Pressure – “Unleash me!”

Case in point, the Buccaneers front seven needs to bring constant quarterback pressure to make Rodgers as uncomfortable as possible. Todd Bowles will most likely be relentless in dialing up disguised blitzes and that will most likely include a heavy dose from Devin White after hearing him state “unleash me!” during his press conference on Tuesday morning.

White will be instrumental in only slowing down Aaron Jones in the running game. After listening to White’s presser this morning, it would be a safe assumption to guess that “Get Live 45” will have a monster day at the office this coming Sunday.

It’s time for White, the defensive line and the Buccaneers defense as a whole to give Mr. Aaron Rodgers a harsh and hard-hitting welcoming to Tampa and make sure they leave the Bay with their first loss of the season!