Tight End Rob Gronkowski: “I Just Drizzle All Over the Place.”


In case you haven’t noticed, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have really started to drizzle. The most entertaining QB/TE combination in the league for the last decade has started to heat up just as the Buccaneers offense has started to find an identity. These best of friends have returned to their sweet spot.


The Sweet Sticky Stuff

Coming into 2020, Brady and Gronkowski have connected for 7,786 yards and 78 touchdowns. Like Abbott and Costello, or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Brady and Gronkowski are a great partnership. With Brady as the straight man and Gronkowski with the humor. Both showing a passion for this game that can not be denied, with back shoulder fade as classic as the “who’s on first” routine.

Is It Pancakes or Waffles? 

After catching his second touchdown pass in as many games, Gronkowski had the following to say in a tweet by Jenna Laine, “If the stick of butter, maple syrup reference is lost on you, your not alone. But that is the beauty of it.”

Buccaneers fans aren’t asking Tom Brady for political advice. They’re not asking Rob Gronkowski for food recipes. They are just enjoying these two getting back in sync. Just as the rest of the offense is, as well. Whether it’s pancakes, waffles, or some other breakfast edible, Gronk and the rest of the Buccaneers squad are currently drizzling in first place in the NFC South. Now that’s sweet.