Buccaneers’ Brady Always Bounces Back


So the NFL universe got a real kick out of Sunday nights’ Buccaneers debacle. Not because it happened to the Buccaneers. because it happened to Tom Brady. Which is exactly how Tampa Bay fans should want it. Not to be happy about that horrendous performance against the New Orleans Saints. That really did suck. But the part about the world, against Brady thing. Own it Buccaneers fans. It is a badge of courage.


Pardon Our Dust

There are still thirty-two teams figuring out the 2020 season. Check that, the defending Super Bowl champions are rolling. Pittsburgh appears to be unstoppable. To be sure though. It was a limited off season, no preseason, challenging time to be breaking in new arrivals at any position. Specifically, at quarterback.

There are exceptions. Joe Burrow is looking great in Cincinnati. Although the Bengals are sitting at 2-5. In Miami, Tua Tagovailoa has Miami running down the Bills.

The expectations for Tampa Bay are so much loftier. There is Tom “friggin” Brady (for you Rick Hughes, From the Cheap Seats). Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Super Bowl LV is in Tampa Bay at the end of this season. This is going to be a home game.

Buccaneers Fans Should Take “Offense”

While the rest of the league enjoyed watching that debacle from Sunday, the feeling was quite different for Buccaneers fans. It hurt to the soul. Not so much because the team is supposed to win every game. Not because this team finds a way to look so terrible in prime time. But because #12 is YOUR quarterback now. Its “ride or die”. If people want to celebrate the GOAT slipping for a game. Let them. This guy comes off the ropes like a prizefighter. I’d hate to be Panthers this week.

A Party Going On Right Here

A Patriot regards himself or herself as a defender. A partisan, loyalist, flag waving, non-apologist supporter. Which is where I believe Buccaneers fans are today. Ready to come off the ropes like their team will this week in Carolina.

There are still seven regular season games, the playoffs, and a lot of uncertainty left in the 2020 season. For Buccaneers fans it is time for ‘all hands on deck’. The wind is about to hit the sails and carry this vessel to some stormy seas. True pirates will navigate the troubled waters of what the rest of the league is thinking.

Buccaneers’ fans will see who is laughing at the end of this season. It surely will be a pirates life for thee.




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