NFL History On The Line For the Buccaneers This Sunday


No team in NFL history has played in their home stadium for the Super Bowl. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can secure victory this Sunday, they will be the first. History is on the line and the pressure is mounting. Here is a look at those who came close and the Buccaneers’ history when the Super Bowl has been hosted in Tampa.

Buccaneers History

Tampa Florida has been very lucky in being nominated and selected to host Super Bowls before. The venue is surrounded by a beautiful city and populace. The weather creates for perfect conditions to play football. But for all the times Tampa has previously been chosen to host, the Buccaneers have fallen short.

Riding the stout defense to a playoff birth in 2000, the Buccaneers had high hopes for the playoffs. Unfortunately, their ten and six record only secured them the number five seed. In the wild card round the Buccaneers would fall to the Eagles, dashing any Super Bowl hopes for the season.

A hot start to the 2008 season renewed hope in Tampa. The Buccaneers started nine and three looking every part of being an NFC Champion. But something went wrong. The team lost all momentum and skidded to a halt. Losing the last four games of the season pushed them out of the playoffs and back into obscurity.

The Same Region

The year was 1980. Terry Bradshaw had piloted his Pittsburgh Stealers to the Super Bowl with a regular-season record of 12-4. Favored over the Los Angeles Rams the game was held in Pasadena, California in the Rose Bowl. Though close to home the there would be no home-field advantage. The Steelers won with a score of 31-19.

In 1984 Joe Montana and Dan Marino reigned Supreme. Montana led his San Francisco 49ers to a 15 and one record and a clear favorite in the NFC. Additionally, Marino had his team at an outstanding 14 and two. What was to be a matchup of eventual Hall of Fame quarterbacks was not played in an NFL stadium. Though close to San Francisco the game was held in Stanford’s Stadium. Montana and the 49ers would prove to be victorious in a closely located game to their home stadium.

Conference Championship

During the 2017 NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings became the first-ever team to make it to a conference championship while playing in the hosting venue for the Super Bowl. But it was not meant to be. Subsequently, Nick Foles and the Eagles would trounce the Vikings. The final score, 38-7.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are only the second team to make it this far while being from the hosting venue. In a rematch of week six and a battle of future Hall of Fame quarterbacks the Buccaneers look to make history. They can become the first team to ever play in their home stadium for a Super Bowl. The pressure is on. Now it’s time to perform.

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