Has the Buccaneers’ Defense Been Overlooked in Their Super Bowl Run?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are heading to their second Super Bowl in the history of the franchise. The headlines throughout the season for the Buccaneers have been focused on quarterback Tom Brady and the offense, but what about the defense?

Recently on NFL Network’s Total Access, Maurice Jones-Drew pointed out that it is the Buccaneers’ defense that should be getting more credit for the teams’ Super Bowl run.

The former Jaguars running back pointed to the defense’s takeaways against New Orleans and Green Bay.

“Let’s just look at the New Orleans Saints game. You get three turnovers and you get the ball back to your offense in prime scoring position.”

Jones-Drew wasn’t finished, “We can go to Green Bay where right before halftime you get a turnover and give Tom Brady the ball back. You give him a shot and you score. And even when Tom didn’t have the best second half, the defense showed up and made plays.”

The old adage is that offense sells tickets but defense wins championships. This isn’t to say that without the turnovers the Buccaneers wouldn’t or couldn’t have won those two games. But they helped, right?