NFL Hands Down Fine for Buccaneers Safety, Winfield Jr.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are NFL champions after dismantling the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. Bolstered by a turnover-free offense and stifling defense, oh and a rookie who doesn’t forget.

The Origin

Earlier in the 2020 NFL season, the Buccaneers dropped a close one to the defending champion Chiefs 27-24 in week 12. During the first quarter, the Chiefs jumped out to an early lead on the back, ok feet of wide receiver Tyreek Hill. During the game, Hill taunted the Buccaneers repeatedly, from flashing the peace sign to  doing a backflip as he crossed the goal line.

Needless to say, the Buccaneers defense didn’t forget, especially rookie safety Antoine Winfield Jr. The Buccaneers went on to an eight game winning streak following that loss to the Chiefs, the last win of that streak being in the Super Bowl, against those same Chiefs.

The Response 

During the Super Bowl you could see this Buccaneer defense as a whole hadn’t forgot. By the end of the game, Winfield Jr. made sure the Chiefs knew they that for a fact.

Late in the fourth quarter with the Buccaneers leading 31-9, Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes scrambled to his right, threw up a prayer, and the pass was incomplete. Immediately after the play, Winfield Jr. made it a point to flash the same peace sign to Hill. Sweet revenge for not just the Buccaneers’ defense, but for Winfield Jr.

The Penalty

Winfield Jr. was flagged on the play which was a fourth down play. But with the penalty coming after the play was over, the Buccaneers had the ball and a 22 point lead with under five minutes left.

The NFL, also known as the “No Fun League”, handed down a punishment to Winfield Jr. on Saturday.

The penalty and subsequent fine shouldn’t diminish Winfield Jr.’s stellar performance in Super Bowl LV. With six total tackles, an interception, and being constantly around the football, Winfield Jr. has firmly cemented his place in Buccaneers and Super Bowl history.