Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blazing the Trail of Equality


Just weeks since winning Super Bowl LV. With just over two weeks until the start of the new NFL league year. The Buccaneers are as relevant today as they were in March of 2020. There are many great stories in this current organization. Not all are between the lines. But are every bit as equal in significance.

Is It Just Me

This has to be the same with all Buccaneers fans. The smile that comes to your face when great stories like this are told. That a team with no chance. A quarterback that was over the hill. A home Super Bowl for the first time in league history. A championship season. You can’t make this stuff up.

With the most diverse coaching staff in the entire NFL. A Super Bowl during Black History Month (February). With four African-American coaches helming the offense and defense of the 2020 champion. Byron Leftwich, Todd Bowles, Harold Godwin, and Larry Foote. Another reason Buccaneers fans forever cherish this season. And it’s just getting started.

For All Of (Her)story

The calendar has turned to March, and once again, the Buccaneers inclusion is at the forefront. In this months Tampa Bay Parenting, Buccaneers owner and President Darcie Glazer Kassewitz sets the tone. The article is informative as to the Buccaneers championing gender equality. Seen (here), Kassewitz takes pride in the importance of equality in the organization.

The Buccaneers second Super Bowl championship was shared by many. Partly because the completion of the 2020 NFL season. On time. Through the world pandemic, was a cause for so much positivity. With a coaching staff so diverse. With a team so committed to equality. What teamwork can accomplish is only seemingly begun.

As we leave February, and we march into, March. Let the inclusiveness and not exclusiveness, continue to set the tone for your Buccaneers.