Antonio Brown: ‘Me And Playoff Lenny Are Gonna Work This Out’


Our own Joshua C. Allen recently pondered the Buccaneers’ prospects of life without Antonio Brown. As it turns out, his -and the Bucs- curiosity may be short-lived.

That’s because, according to Brown, he and Leonard Fournette are going to work things out with the Bucs. In other words: They’ll be back for the 2021 season.

Brown said as much during a live Sunday session on Instagram. He and Fournette were both working out together when he told what is assumed to be a fan the encouraging news.

While it is encouraging, it’s important to remember that talk is cheap (both literally and figuratively) at the end of the day. Yes, this is something to take note of. But at the same time, however, it’s nothing close to a guarantee that either player will return.

Much less both. Regardless, Brown’s comment is sure to make many fans happy.

Stay tuned for updates.

h/t Bucs Tracker and Bucs Germany on Instagram