Prediction: Bucs To Play Bills In 2021 Season Opener


Some things in life are just too easy when you think about them. The Bucs playing the Bills in the 2021 season opener is one of those things.

And if you ask me, that’s what I’m putting my money on. It just makes too much sense.

Just check out the laundry list of reasons why this matchup would be the best out of all the others:

  • The Bills currently have the third-best odds -right behind the Bucs- to win the Super Bowl. The 2021 season could very well start and end with a Bucs-Bills matchup.
  • Josh Allen is coming off a breakout season and an AFC Championship appearance, while Tom Brady is still holding his own as the best quarterback to ever play the game. Will Allen take the next step against the quarterback he wanted to be as a kid?
  • The two offenses are powerhouses and both teams have playmaking defenses that can get after the quarterback.
  • How will the majority of the Bucs’ roster that just won its first Super Bowl respond to being the hunted?
  • Bills Mafia loathes Brady and Brady has owned the Bills over the course of his career. The dude is 32-3 against Buffalo. Bills Mafia travels very well. When you combine that with the recent uptick in Bucs Nation bravado, Raymond James Stadium would be absolutely electric.

Even Tony Dungy is willing to bet that it’s Bucs and Bills in the 2021 season opener. He also confirmed Monday that the Bucs will play at home this year, as opposed to 2003 when they had to travel to Philadelphia for the Week 1 matchup.

See what I mean? Some things in life are just too easy.

Go ahead. Lock it in: The Bucs will play the Bills in the 2021 NFL season opener.