NFL Sets Salary Cap Ceiling For 2022


It’s been well-documented as to how COVID-19 affected the 2021 salary cap, so NFL franchises took a collective deep breath when the league announced the cap ceiling for 2022.

Per The NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the ceiling has been set at $208.2 million. The figure represents a 14% increase over the 2021 mark of $182.5 million. Pelissero also notes that no floor has been set at the moment.

How does this affect the Bucs? Well, per, they currently have close to $186.8 million invested in their 2022 roster with 53 players. They have a little over $21 million in cap room, which gives them the 18th-most cap room in the league. Neither figure includes potential PPE raises or accelerated money from voidable years.

Per, the Bucs will have 34 free agents heading into 2022. If nothing changes between now and then, of course. Regardless, there are some big, big names in this group. Players such as Chris Godwin, Jason Pierre-Paul, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, Carlton Davis III, OJ Howard, Ryan Jensen, Leonard Fournette, Ronald Jones II, Antonio Brown, Alex Cappa, Jordan Whitehead, and William Gholston join the extensive list.

And all of those names that were just listed are starters. They’re also quality starters who have contributed to the team’s success in a major way. With just $21 million in cap room   -as it currently stands- it’s very hard to envision the Bucs pulling off another offseason similar to the one they just dominated.

But teams at least have an idea of what to expect in 2022, which is a exponentially better situation to be in when compared to the past year’s salary cap situation.