Tom Brady Finally Admits To Chicago Confusion On Tik Tok


Whoever thought the closure regarding Tom Brady‘s final play against the Chicago Bears would be given via Tik Tok?

It really is a new world, after all.

Brady and the Bucs all remember the play. As do Bucs and Bears fans. It was Week 5 and it was Thursday Night Football in the Windy City (aka Chicago). Brady and the Bucs were driving down the field for a shot at a last-second, game-winning field goal.

Then this happened.


The warranted speculation regarding Brady’s apparent confusion created all kinds of memes and online fodder surrounding Brady and the Bucs. It was the epitome of adding insult to injury.

But Brady never actually spoke about what happened in Chicago.

Until Tuesday, that is.

Brady took folks back to that night in Chicago via Tik Tok -the ultimate device for self-deprecation- to finally admit that he was indeed confused on the final play of the game.


They taught me how to use the green screen… I’m evolving. Who wants more TikTok highlights? @bucsnfl

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“You guys remember this one?” Brady asked. “Fourth quarter, last chance in Chicago. I thought it was the second-to-last chance in Chicago, but apparently not. I don’t think I’ve ever been as confused as I am in this moment right here. Look at that face.”

The Bucs would go on to lose the game, 20-19, and fall to 3-2 on the season.

The seven-time Super Bowl champ is well-known for his social media skills and playful jokes, but to see him address one of his lesser moments just adds to legend that is Brady himself.