Tom Brady Is The “GOAT” For More Than Just Winning


Many words come to mind when you think of someone who is referred to as the greatest of all-time. Words that bridge the stats and the status of a legend. It pushes a person past pro to a legend. A myth, even. Long after the game ends for these players the mystique of the player only grows bigger. For Tom Brady, this is the case. He’s not the greatest just because of the rings.


Brady is one thing for sure, devoted to a task and his purpose. Since being selected with the 199th pick in the sixth round of the 1999 NFL Draft, Brady has been committed to proving the doubters wrong. The chip on his shoulder drives him. Even after seven titles he still strives to be the greatest. One thing is for sure: he aims to leave no doubt.


At times defined as having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness. Many players in the NFL can be defined by this trait. For Brady, you can see it in the nature of his preparation. Day in and day out his focus on remaining at the peak of his abilities is apparent. After all, he’s 43-years-old.


We have seen it time and time again. The quarterback taking the largest deal possible. Pushing the envelope of the fortunes coming their way. However, Brady is an outlier. He consistently found himself taking team-friendly deals that allowed the team to retain good players or bring in good players. This aided New England in creating rosters that consistently won. Day in and day out the effects of Brady not taking the “Big Money” deal provided the team the cap space it needed to put a team around him.

This seems to be lost on so many. Detractors will argue he’s been the beneficiary of top-10 defenses. That those defenses carried Brady and the offense year-in and year-out. Rather I pose this question to you: Would there have been top-10 defenses if Brady was seeking to be the highest-paid quarterback? He certainly warranted more money. Other teams would have paid more for his services.

Furthermore, Brady loves mentoring the younger players. It’s part of the reason he is in Tampa. The young group with a solid foundation was a place he could share what he knows with others and elevate a team. just dropped this Tom Brady bobblehead and more! Get yours by clicking the picture above! just dropped this Tom Brady bobblehead and more! Get yours by clicking the picture above!


When you look over the other words that describe him there is an underlying theme. His zeal for the game is incredible. It’s infectious. Ultimately, it’s the undertone for all the other traits. He would not be as dedicated, fierce, or selfless without it.

Final Thought

We should all be so fortunate as to find something in our lives that provides us such purpose. Brady’s impact on the game will never go away. In fact, it should only make it better as the years progress.