Tom Brady Blasts Team For Ditching Him In Free Agency


Tom Brady is a professional. Therefore, he doesn’t play around.

There have been several instances where this has cropped up during his career. One doesn’t have to go too far back in order to revisit the death stare he gave the camera when asked about Bruce Arians calling him out after the Saints game back in Week 1 of the 2020 season. Brady is motivated. He’s driven. It’s what makes him who he is.

This is on display in a promo for HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted, which is slated to air its new episode on Friday, June 25. It doesn’t take long for Brady’s moment, as the seven-time Super Bowl champ opens the promo with a rather interesting comment.

Brady is already speaking when the audio begins. “..One of the teams and they weren’t interested until the very end… I was thinking, ‘You guys are sticking with that motherf—–?!’,” Brady tells the group that includes Maverick Carter, Draymond Green, Kid Cudi, Paul Rivera, and Chelsea Handler.

It doesn’t get much juicier than that. Whichever team backed out has to feel pretty dumb after watching Brady lead the Bucs to their second Super Bowl.

But who was Brady been referring to?

A lot of speculation has pointed toward Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers, but I’m not sure the 9ers could’ve made it work. First off, Kyle Shanahan has been adamant that the 49ers are a better team when Garoppolo is on the field. Second, the 49ers were just coming off a Super Bowl appearance. Third, Jimmy G’s contract has a no-trade clause. It would’ve kept the 49ers from trading him. So, he wasn’t getting traded unless he and San Francisco came to an agreement. Fourth, the 9ers wouldn’t have saved any money if they decided to cut Garoppolo in favor of signing Brady; they would’ve lost money. Sure, it would’ve been a modest sum of around $4 million, but it’s hard to envision the 9ers cutting their quarterback who was an integral part of a Super Bowl run. And lastly, Brady’s game simply doesn’t match up with Shanahan’s offensive scheme.

General manager John Lynch did come out and say the 49ers considered signing Brady. But it was more of a “we have to at least consider it” scenario than anything. I mean, let’s be honest, every team in the NFL had to “at least consider it”.

The next suspect could be the Bears, but Brady reportedly turned them down. That takes them out of the running.

The team and quarterback that make the most sense is the Chargers and Tyrod Taylor. It’s known that the Chargers and Bucs were pretty much the top-2 teams throughout the entire process. Brady also says that the mystery team was in it until the “very end”, which could also apply to the Chargers.

Taylor has been OK as a starting quarterback in the NFL. One could say he’s never received a fair shake as a starter, but regardless, he’s more of a backup at this point in his career. Brady’s words may be harsh, but they’re accurate. Especially when comparing Taylor to himself.

Will we receive more clues Friday night when The Shop: Uninterrupted airs at 930PM EST? Either way, history is history at this point. Brady signed with the Bucs. And both parties have a ring to show for it.