CB Cameron Kinley Allowed To Participate In Bucs Training Camp


Just as local governments here in Tampa Bay are closing for the expected arrival of Elsa, there are other functions of national government still at work. With word on Tuesday by Lucas Tomlinson of Fox News, it appears that there is now a Naval graduate, class president, and a player with a shot at playing professional football. Cameron Kinley may just be getting that dream to come true after all.

All Hands on Deck

The biggest question for a stacked Buccaneers 2021 squad was: Where would the most interesting camp battles be? For this reporter, since getting the chance to communicate with Kinley back in early June. It was always going to be him getting a chance. A chance to compete for a roster spot as a cornerback with the championship Tampa Bay squad. Now it looks like some good news coming for just such a chance.

as mentioned previously. In a tweet, Lucas Tomlinson (@LucsFoxNews) shown (here), the Defense Secretary will likely grant that deferment to the first athlete to serve also as class president at the Naval Academy since 1991. Allowing Cam Kinley to come to camp and prove his bonafides. Just great news for an even greater kid to have the chance he so deserves.

Now What?

Kinley signed with the Buccaneers as a free agent back in April. He took part in camp. He went away with, and well as a few Buccaneers coaches, the impression the Naval football captain could have a shot at one of those six cornerback positions the Buccaneers look to take to camp in a couple of weeks.

When I asked him back in June. After he was recently told there would be no deferment for him. Right after his interview on the Dan Patrick Show. I asked him but one question. What would the chance to come to camp to compete for a position on the Buccaneers team mean to you. His answer was as elegant as he.

“It would definitely mean a lot to have the opportunity to compete for a spot on the 53 man roster,” Kinley said. “As of now, I don’t have that ability due to my service requirement with the Navy. But I have hopes we can come to a compromise that will allow me to play with the Bucs and serve my country at the same time.”

Kinley has had two dreams his entire life. To serve his country and to play professional football. As the storm blows over Tampa Bay later today. Then the clouds clear. We will assess any damages. Regroup. And with a little bit of luck, we will see this young man get that opportunity to fulfill both dreams later this month. It seems that clouds REALLY do have a silver lining.