Report: Brady led Buccaneers on a Fully-torn MCL in 2020


If Tom Brady delivering a Lombardi Trophy to a starved Buccaneers fan base wasn’t already enough to earn legend status in the bay area forever, today’s revelation from Bucs’ beat writer Rick Stroud and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport surely will add a resounding shock factor.

According to Stroud, Brady sustained an injury to his left knee in his final season with the Patriots. Stroud further revealed that Brady was playing through a torn medial collateral ligament (MCL). In a tweet today, he stated that the tear was partial:

Well, if that wasn’t already crazy enough, Rapoport jumped in and clarified that it wasn’t just a partial tear, but – according to his sources – a FULL TEAR.

Bro, what?

A fully torn MCL isn’t just something you slough off and rub some dirt on. That’s a full-fledged debilitating injury. Brady indeed appeared on the injury report in Week 17, in what appeared to be a rest/maintenance issue. He didn’t appear on the Buccaneers injury reports in the weeks leading up, nor in the playoffs.

Honestly, knowing what we do now, it was amazing that he didn’t get even more time off for rest/rehab/maintenance/etc. than he did.

With that all being said, Brady had surgery after the Buccaneers Super Bowl won to repair the tear, and there’s been nothing to indicate he should be limited in any way. According to Stroud, Brady says he’ll be able to do some things this year that he wasn’t able to do last year.

If so, look out league. Here’s comes a fully-healthy Tom Brady with all of his starters.