Fights Break Out Among Bucs And Titans On Thursday


During fall camps and preseasons, it’s not uncommon to see players exchange shoves or even punches.  It’s almost as though players have to learn to not just get their routes, blocking schemes, and assignments pinned down, but also their emotions. Often with joint team practices during the preseason, you’ll occasionally see a couple of guys get after it.  We saw that with Connor Williams and Aaron Donald a week ago.

But things got especially chippy during the Bucs’ and Titans’ second practice on Thursday at One Buc Place, as a number of fracases broke out among the players. Five total, based off reports.

Who did what during the second day of Bucs-Titans practices?

The first was courtesy of the Bucs’ most mercurial player, Antonio Brown:

Looks like Brown actually caught Jackson with a solid left, so it wasn’t just a couple of guys pushing. Brown was kicked out of practice for a while, but made his way back to the practice field.  Perhaps he just needed some time to cool off and get his head right.

That was just the start of things, as a number of special teamers started getting chippy.  First, it was Herb Miller and an unidentified Titans player: Then, K.J. Britt and Nick Dzubnar apparently got into it together:


Then, Devin White reportedly slammed a Titan player to the ground, resulting in both teams coming together yet again:

Then, not to be outdone, Titans defensive end Jeffrey Simmons wouldn’t let go of Leonard Fournette and Ryan Jensen came to his aid:

Jensen is maybe the second most-likely guy to brawl after Brown (at least to me), and he’s always ready at the drop of a hat to back up his teammates, so this wasn’t surprising. Overall, the second day of Bucs-Titans practice was eventful, to say the least.

Really, this isn’t surprising, but it is noteworthy to see how many times players got into it.  Five (it appears) is a lot of scrums, even for one of those joint practices.  Will this carry over into the game between the two?  Hopefully not, as the two main things the Bucs need to take away from this preseason are: 1) stay healthy; and 2) avoid suspensions.  In other words, having your star-studded roster fully available for the start of the season.

We’ll see if cooler heads prevail when toe meets leather at 7:30PM EST on Saturday.