Should Buccaneers Fans Be Worried After Ugly Win?


Instead of burying the answer at the end of the article, I’m just going to tell you right at the top.

No, you should absolutely not be worried about this team moving forward.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave up over 400 yards of offense and turned the ball over four times, and yet they still WON.

That is a sign of a good football team. Even with all of the mistakes, all of the penalties, all of the yards given up, the Buccaneers found a way to leave Raymond James Stadium on top.

The Dallas Cowboys had a nearly flawless offensive game plan. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore knew he couldn’t run against this Buccaneers front. Instead, he opted to get the ball out to the sideline, forcing the Buccaneers defense secondary to do most of the heavy lifting.

I trust Todd Bowles to make the adjustment moving forward. But like Bruce Arians said, learning after a win is a lot easier than learning after a loss.

Historical Context

Lets shift gears slightly, and take a look at Tom Brady led teams in week one after winning the Super Bowl

2002: 30-14 Win
2004: 27-24 Win
2005: 30-20 Win
2015: 28-21 Win
2017: 42-27 Loss
2019: 33-3 Win
2021: 31-29 Win

As you can see, Brady is now 6-1 in week one after winning it all. Most of the games were fairly close, and all of them had mistakes, dropped passes, and dumb penalties.

New Challenges For The Buccaneers 

The reality is, it takes good football teams time to gel in September. EVEN if they bring back all of their starters. The road to the playoffs will not look the same as last year, and 2021 will bring new challenges.

We all remember the tragedy in Chicago last year. Panic was at an all time high as Tom Brady forgot the down and distance. What happened next? The Buccaneers routed the Green Bay Packers in a blowout win.

Even the mid-season stretch of loses right before the bye week, Buccaneers fans were not completely confident in this team. What happened next? Tampa Bay won eight straight games on their road to the Super Bowl.

The point is, relax. Not every game is going to be clean and mistake free. But the sign of a good team is winning when you shouldn’t. And that’s exactly what the Buccaneers did on Thursday night.