J.T. Olson’s Week Three NFL Power Rankings


Week two is in the books and at this point we’ve seen just enough to have no idea what’s going on. Preseason perception still plays a heavy role in opinions. A small group begins to seperate themselves at the top and the bottom. We try to sort the rest in our week three NFL power rankings.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

Head coach Urban Meyer put out a statement saying they’d do all they can to get this figured out after an 0-2 start. He might want to start by looking in the mirror. This team looks lost.

31) Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons showed some fight and made the Bucs sweat through three quarters, but ultimately did what they do best. Their collapse reminds us what a slim margin for error it is for this team.

30) Detroit Lions

The Lions again showed fight this week after taking a lead into halftime against the Packers. They also showed the lack of talent they have after getting blown out in the second half.

29) New York Jets

Rebuilding teams will always have growing pains due to their inexperience. Hopefully they can grow a lot after this game because it was painful to watch, especially for Zach Wilson.

28) New York Giants

The winless Giants looked decent in their loss to Washington, but can we count on Daniel Jones to be that good every week? I have my doubts on that.

27) Houston Texans

The Texans continue to earn small amounts of respect. They may have lost, but it was close against a really good opponent. Definitely a moral victory.

26) Cincinnati Bengals

This game was uninspiring all around. I’m not sure the Bengals are good at anything, despite some promising young players.

25) Minnesota Vikings

It’s not too late for the Vikings to turns things around, but they’re still winless against two teams who probably won’t make the playoffs.

24) Philadelphia Eagles

A competitive game vs a good team. Not a bad follow up after a dominating win last week. I’m still wait and see with the Eagles, but so far so good.

23) Miami Dolphins

Life comes at you fast in the NFL. Going from a nice win over the Patriots last week to a blowout loss and watching your quarterback get carted off in week two. Not where you want to be.

22) Carolina Panthers

The Panthers couldn’t do much better than what they have to start the year. However, even with a 2-0 start I’m still not sure I see them as an above. 500 team in the long run.

21) Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is such a stud. There’s your analysis. Great win over the Chiefs. I still have a lot of questions with this roster overall.

20) Pittsburgh Steelers

After a week one upset vs the Bills, this week was a big let down. Time will tell which week was a better reflection of this team.

19) New Orleans Saints

If Alvin Kamara doesn’t carry this offense then it’s hard to trust them. We saw that in an embarrassing loss to Carolina. We also saw the 2021 debut of bad Jameis Winston.

18) Las Vegas Raiders

Two weeks in and two quality wins. I still don’t trust this team, but I’m excited to continue to watch them prove me wrong.

17) New England Patriots

It was a nice bounce back win in week two against a bad team. This is about what was expected from the Patriots. It would have told me a lot more if they didn’t play well in this game.

16) Indianapolis Colts

Yes, the Colts are winless through two weeks. On the other hand, they played two top 10 teams very close in losses. It will get better from here.

15) Chicago Bears

We saw Justin Fields get meaningful action in a week two win. Combine that with some of the pieces still on this defense and there’s reason to be excited here.

14) Dallas Cowboys

We know the Cowboys offense is good. We are learning that their defense might be okay too. Call me cautiously optimistic.

13) Tennessee Titans

It was an exciting comeback win over the Seahawks that prevented the Titans from falling to 0-2. With the weapons they have you can’t count them out.

12) Los Angeles Chargers

The defense looked good again after allowing just 20 points to the Cowboys. As Justin Herbert continues to improve so will this offense.

11) Washington Football Team

Team pulled out a last second win on Thursday against a Giants team that isn’t that good. I’m getting closer to believing in the offense, but I’m not there yet.

10) Arizona Cardinals

Two weeks and two 30+ point preferences. This offense is looking as good as advertised so far.

9) Denver Broncos

Not many people picked the Broncos as a playoff team before the season. Well, I did so this 2-0 start comes as no surprise. Is that confirmation bias? Sure, but it’s my ranking.

8) Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks stole defeat from the jaws of victory vs the Titans. I still think highly of this team, but the defense needs to tighten up.

7) San Francisco 49ers

So far the 49ers have played two teams that aren’t very good on paper. As expected, they won both games. However, they didn’t look great doing it. How does th

6) Green Bay Packers 

For 30 minutes we got to see the Packers look like what we expect them to in their win vs the Lions. I trust Aaron Rodgers to be able to sustain that moving forward. 

5) Buffalo Bills 

It was a nice blowout win to get back on track. This team will go as far as Josh Allen can take them and that’s a good thing for Buffalo. 

4) Cleveland Browns 

It hasn’t always been pretty, but at the end of the day the Browns won and pushed the defending AFC champions to the limit. Not too shabby.

3) Kansas City Chiefs 

Am I worried about the Chiefs defense? Sure. Do I trust Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes regardless of everything else? Yup.

2) Los Angeles Rams 

The Rams have played two good teams and got two good wins. Matthew Stafford makes this offense maybe the best in football and last year’s top ranked defense still looks very good.

1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The Bucs just set the NFL record for most consecutive wins scoring 30 or more points. The defending champions look as good as ever.