Buccaneers Win Playing One Quarter at a Time


The 2020 Buccaneers finished the regular season at 12-5. Still feels a bit weird just saying that. But it’s true all the same. Of course, this season is seventeen games long. This does indeed make a true four-quarters impossible. But the defending champion Buccaneers should approach the season all the same.

Step By Step

It was a great man who once said; “How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time”. There are so many factors that go into the mechanics of an NFL season. The teams that do best are the ones that worry about only the ones they can control. The Buccaneers broke out of the gate with a win against the Cowboys of Dallas. Followed that with a divisional victory over the Falcons of Atlanta. A stumble last Sunday against the Rams of Los Angeles puts the team at 2-1. Then there is New England.

A victory this Sunday night would put the Super Bowl LV champions at 3-1 and victorious in the first quarter of 2021. Although, again, seventeen games means that four games a quarter season does not make. But it will take a minute for this extra game thing to take. So, we will work on it.

If It Works

Breaking the 2020 season into quarters is a take of championship pursuit. Finishing the first two-quarters, each 3-1, left the Buccaneers at 6-2. Losing three games in the third quarter. Including a squeaker against the Rams and another loss to the Chiefs, meant the third quarter was 1-3. Of course, the team would go 4-0 in the fourth quarter and hit the playoffs on a roll. The rest is history.

Buccaneers fans aren’t just discovering the “break the season into quarters” method. But for a greater portion of the teams history, by the seasonal halfway mark, the whole quarters deal broke down. Leaving the hardest of Buc fans removing their shoes to use fingers and toes. Needing all the math acumen possible to be optimistic the team was not yet mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Using the “quarters” system these days is pure Buccaneer joy. Now that pesky seventeenth game. Icing on the cake?

Tom Brady’s return to Foxborough. Belichick vs Brady. Will Gronk catch a touchdown agains the tight-end stingy Patriots defense? Who shot JR? So many questions with which the answer remains a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is that the this Buccaneers team will look to be victorious on Sunday. Finishing that first quarter at 3-1. Playing them one at a time, step by step. Just as they will worry about that seventeenth game when it gets here. Somebody get me a calculator.